Donating to the GVFD


Why is your help critical?

  • The Greensburg Volunteer Fire Department (GVFD) is 100% volunteer. None of our firefighters are paid.
  • GVFD provides service to the Residents and Visitors to the City of Greensburg. Additionally we provide mutual aid support to Hempfield Township, Mount Pleasant Township, Salem Township, South Greensburg, Southwest Greensburg, and Unity Township when requested.  
  • Each year GVFD volunteers respond to over 2000 fire, motor vehicle, water rescue, hazard material, medical assist emergencies, and Bloodhound calls.
  • We are fortunate enough to have our fuel, insurance, and vehicle maintenance funded by the city.  The remainder is raised by the Department and Companies through assorted fund raising projects, including BINGO, facility rentals, Burger Bashes, Gun and/or Cash Bashes, the annual fund drive, and assorted other means.
  • The volunteers of the Greensburg Volunteer train weekly to enhance their skills, and to be better prepared to provide lifesaving services.
  • Each October the department conducts various demonstrations during Fire Prevention Week/Month to make the public aware of the resources available to serve them.
  • Volunteer fire companies save taxpayers millions of dollars each year. With your help and support we can continue to preserve the Volunteer System. GVFD is a 501(c)(3) organization, so your donation is tax-deductible.  

What are some of our expenses?

  • Each set of personal protective equipment for a firefighter costs approximately $3,900. We have over 170 active firefighters, and this gear must be replaced at minimum every 10 years by NFPA standards.
  • Each self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) that allows a firefighter to enter a burning structure costs approximately $6,000. We have 80 SCBA in service, all which require routine maintenance and upkeep.
  • The Greensburg Volunteer Fire Department is looking to upgrade our communication system to Motorola APEX 8000 Dual Band Portable Radios.  The current cost for EACH radio is $6083.00
  • The GVFD has 1 ladder truck, 5 engines, 3 rescues and 13 utility/specialized vehicles in our fleet.  We are constantly upgrading the tools and equipment in each individual piece.
  • The GVFD operates a Search and Rescue Bloodhound team that specializes in tracking lost children and adults, as well as, criminals who are trying to elude law enforcement.
  • The GVFD maintains a dive/water rescue team with a specialized vehicle, various water rescue boats, and jet skis with other top of the line equipment to assist anyone involved in a water emergency.

Make A True Difference in Your Community!


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PayPal Donation


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Donating to the GVFD
Donating to the GVFD

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Donating to the GVFD
Donating to the GVFD

Alternatively, you may mail a check to:

Greensburg Volunteer Fire Department
ATTN: Treasurer
1517 Roseytown Road
Greensburg, PA  15601


Make A True Difference in Your Community!

For ALL Emergencies Please Dial 911