Greensburg Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Force Entry Prop


2020 Forcible Entry Prop

          The next upgrade would be a forcible entry simulator/material cutting prop.  To do this we are planning on purchasing a Fire Force forcible entry unit.  Forcible entry requires firefighters to use hand tools and brute force to penetrate a locked door to gain access to a secure area.  The two most common tools for performing this operation are the flathead axe and a Halligan bar (30” long forged pry bar).  Each simulator is custom built and reinforces forcible entry methodology of GAP/SET/FORCE, thus providing the most realistic training experience without the hassle of procuring scrap doors. A few features of the prop are: conventional forcible entry system with sacrificial and replaceable crush area for both inward and outward swinging doors, panic bar breaching system, replacement steel cut panels for bolt punching and saw use, hinge pulling/cutting system, lock pulling system with reusable lock for residential and commercial, and a thru-the-lock system which allows various locks to be fastened to door. On the cutting side, it is equipped with a deadbolt cutting system for rotary saws, an anchor station for chain/padlock/cable breaching, and a rebar cutting system for cutting steel rebar. Finally, an attractive feature of this unit is that the consumable materials required for each new session are inexpensive and readily available.

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