GVFD Museum

Company 4

416 South Main Street (Behind City Hall)

Front of GVFD Museum

President – Dave Klingler
Secretary – Bill Bosio
Treasurer – Tom Niggel
Director – Bill Rudolph
Curator – Richard Johnson

     The Greensburg Fire Department Museum was formed back in the late 1950’s by Assistant Chief Al Rosatti with the help of firefighters such as Wayne Rowe and his family along and junior firefighters such as Buddy Mertz and Dave Klingler.  This group of volunteers realized the Fire Department had a rich history and artifacts were being lost due to lack of need and room to store old unused items.  For example, the Pat Lyon and Goodwill Hand Fire Pumpers were relegated to set outside of Station 3 and Station 6.  As a result, they began to deteriorate from years of exposure to the changing weather in Southwestern Pa.  The Pat Lyon was built in Philadelphia by a locksmith and fire engine builder named Pat Lyon.  This engine was purchased for Pittsburgh and hauled over the mountains to Pittsburgh around 1805.  The conditions of the roads were so bad that at times it had to be hand carried over the mountains.  It served Pittsburgh till 1852 when it was sold to Greensburg.  In Greensburg it fought fire as part of the old Pat Lyon Fire Company till 1904.  Chief Rosatti acquired space in the old trolley freight station behind City Hall and turned that space into the first fire museum.  Today the Pat Lyon and Goodwill are the centerpieces of the collection.  These denisions of the past were repaired painted and displayed in the museum by Firefighters including Raymond “Sue” Decker, Jack Templeton and various other firefighters.  Many different artifacts were obtained from firefighters and the companies within the Greensburg Fire Department and placed on display.  The museum operated in this location until the early 1980’s when a Councilperson not sympathetic to the Fire Department ordered the items removed from the museum.  Space was acquired in the Troutman Dept. Store on the fourth floor.  The museum artifacts were moved and placed on display.  Unfortunately, the Pat Lyon and Goodwill which could not be moved to the fourth floor of the building.  Both hand pumpers were placed in storage in the Tribune Review news print storage building on St. Clair Way near the Railroad overpass on East Pittsburgh Street.  During this period Company #3’s 1949 Seagrave Pumper was acquired from the Community College.  The 1949 Seagrave was purchased by the City of Greensburg in 1949 along with its sisters for Company #7 and Company #8.  The Company #3 Seagrave was restored over the next 30 years and today is on display in the Fire Museum.  The engine is driven and used for various ceremonial and parade duties throughout the area.  This engine fought many historical fires in Greensburg and surrounding areas such as: Colossian Fire, Blatchford Furniture, Waltour Lumber, Maloberti Produce, McFarland Supply, Vincent College, LaRose Shop  Today the Museum is located in a garage behind City Hall the collection has expanded to include the 1949 Seagrave and Southwest Greensburg 1932 Mack.  The museum is opened by appointment.  The museum is a trip down memory lane of Greensburg and the Fire Departments past.

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