City of Greensburg Knox Box Program

Requirements – City of Greensburg | Ordinance Effective Date 6-15-2013

In accordance with Chapter 205 – Property Maintenance | Sections 704.8 though 704.10
NOTIFICATION – All existing building which have been tied to the City’s Gamewell Fire Box
System in the past must be converted to an UL-Approved centrally monitored agency as of
December 21, 2008, or sooner.
All Buildings requiring a central monitoring fire alarm must be tied to an UL-Approved central
monitoring service and must comply with all regulations regarding a central monitoring service
as per NFPA 72.
Any building requiring a central monitoring fire alarm system and all building with two or more
dwelling units must provide a Knox Box access at the main entrance of the building for Fire
Department use.

Please contact the City of Greensburg Code Office for details regarding the requirements of proper placement, necessary documentation, or to make arrangements to purchase a Knox Box.

City of Greensburg Code Enforcement Office (724) 838-4324 |

Office Hours 8am to 4pm Monday thru Friday – 416 South Main Street, Greensburg, PA 15601

For ALL Emergencies Please Dial 911